Arts Research Collective

ARC is Radical Vocational Training

Founded in Los Angeles and New York in 2017, Arts Research Collective (ARC) offers classes, workshops, and events throughout the United States and online. We are survivors of academia—artists, designers, and writers coming together to make a better school for a better world. ARC creates rigorous, ethical, and radical educational experiences for scholars, artists, and designers of all backgrounds. 

      • We are committed to language and media as the ground of power.
      • We are committed to cultivating cultural leadership by and for people who are frequently excluded from such leadership.
      • We are committed to institutions like ours as incubators and platforms of radical social change.
      • We are committed to building and sustaining fair and equitable institutions.
      • We are committed to the work of administration that maintains and supports our students, faculty, and communities.
      • We are an ethical and transparent organization.