The Genuine Unauthorized Clothing Clone Institute
(Project G.U.C.C.I.)

The Genuine Unauthorized Clothing Clone Institute, hereafter Project G.U.C.C.I., is an educational platform and free online pattern library. Selfies of luxury brand clothing are combined with original garment designs to create parodied digital clothing files that are available to download for free. Using these files as a foundation individuals are invited to create their own designs, digitally print the new transformed work onto fabric, and finally, to sew a luxury garment of their very own.

Each Genuine Unauthorized garment in this project is an unauthorized parody of an original luxury brand garment. The Genuine Unauthorized garments found on this site and on are not endorsed by, approved of, or authorized by any luxury house or third party luxury brand affiliate, manufacturer or producer.

For more information on the project please visit the project’s full website at