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Fashion Exhibitions & Showrooms:

Designers & Agents, juried market, September, New York, NY

Designers & Agents, juried market, February, New York, NY

Designers & Agents, juried market, October, Los Angeles, CA

Designers & Agents, juried market, September, New York, NY

Tallulah Showroom, showroom representation, January, New York, NY

The Train, juried market, February, New York, NY

Fashion Collections:

Designed under the label Elmidae
“No Cape, No Crusader” Spring Summer 2014
“Likewise, Moreover, Together” Fall/Winter 2013
“Spectator” Fall/Winter 2012, in collaboration with Nonnie Threads
“Siberian Spring,” Spring/Summer 2012
“CCCP,” Fall/Winter 2011
“Moscow,” Spring Summer 2011  

Designed under the label Abigail Glaum-Lathbury
“Edison,” Fall/Winter 2010   
“Invention and the Obsolete,” Spring Summer 2010 
“Abyss,” Fall/Winter 2009  
“Araucana,” Spring/Summer 2009 
“Medulla Oblongata,” Fall/Winter 2008 
“Morphology,” Spring/Summer 2008

Fashion Design Positions:

2016 - 
Freelance and independent ready to wear designer

2006 - 2018   
Designer, Elmidae Inc. & Abigail Glaum-Lathbury collections  


2021 – Present
Associate Professor, Fashion Department,The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2020 - 2021
Arts Research Collective Teaching Faculty

2015 – 2021
Assistant Professor, Fashion Department, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2009 – 2015
Lecturer & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Fashion Department,The School of the Art Institute of Chicago