Anthropometric Sizing: A Guide to Radically Inclusive Sizing

JUMPSUIT is an ungendered garment. Unlike unisex garments (which has historically meant a larger size that “fits” many people) JUMPSUIT embraces the differences between individuals while maintaining the visual oneness of the collective! Current models of industrial manufacturing limit the range of available sizes, thereby reducing our bodies to interchangeable units; a size small for example, or an extra large. Anyone who has ever shopped for a pair of jeans, however, can identify with the alienating feeling of inhabiting an unruly or non-compliant body. The Rational Dress Society asks a different question: What if our clothing accepted our bodies as they are? How would a utopian garment fit? In order to achieve the visual uniformity fundamental to JUMPSUIT an entirely new approach needed to be developed.

Using anthropometric data from sources as varied as uniform companies and NASA, the Rational Dress Society created a fundamentally new, radically inclusive sizing system based on three base body types. V which skews larger at the chest, I which has an even proportion between the hip and chest, and A which skews broader at the hip. To each of these body types bust darts may be added to accommodate breasts. Spanning a wide range of heights, the resulting monogarment comes in 248 unique sizes. (High five!)